Prime Stone is sub-20 and heading to zero!

04 Jul 2024

We've just had the results in from a US lab which has tested every colour in our low-silica composite stone range to confirm their exact silica content.   The great news is that with one exception, all came in under 20% - and quite a few were as low as 9%. 

The average across the whole range is 14.3%. This puts our composite stone firmly within the range of granite silica levels and makes them a substantially safer option.  One colour - Pukekawa Polished - came in slightly over at 22%.

Now that our move to a fully low-silica range is complete, we're turning our attention to zero silica options and from October, as new stock arrives, existing designs will begin transitioning to zero silica.

In additional news, our new Mont Blanc has arrived! This is the tenth of our new Prime Stone decors to arrive, with two more on the way before the end of the year. This beautiful design has subtle variations of off white tones and comes in a textured finish making it super easy care.

The entire Prime Stone low-silica range has Declare Certification which helps contribute points to Greenstar and Homestar projects.